Scheduled Maintenance

Control Your Planned Works

Scheduled maintenance helps you to regulate your works periodically, such as daily, weekly, monthly or yearly processes. Thanks to this system, you can prevent unexpected maintenance problems and keep your operations productive.

Manage Online

With the help of the computer-based system, you are only one click away from your scheduled work-orders. Without wasting your time with dealing the paper works, you can access maintenance history, current situation of workers and stock levels.

Be Alerted About Your Works

Keep your data upgraded with scheduled maintenance system and always be prepared for your urgent situations. You are notified via the informative mail before the deadline, unexpected situations stay in the past with scheduled maintenance.

Attach Instruction Set

To manage the maintenance and repair of your assets step by step, instruction set is needed. Define your instruction set and attach all of your works. You can easily achieve compliance standards. Always stay one step ahead.

Assign workers

You can assign employees to the scheduled maintenance process and get current information about the work process. Thanks to this feature, you can see whether your employees are eligible for the job or not.