Work Order Management

Manage Online

Thanks to the computer-based system, you are only one click away from your work-orders. Without wasting your time with dealing the paper works, you can access maintenance history, current situation of workers and stock levels on your computer, tablet or smart phone.

Attach Instruction Set

To manage the maintenance and repair of your assets step by step, instruction set is needed. Define your instruction set and attach all of your works. You can easily achieve compliance standards. Always stay one step ahead.

Assign workers

The great thing about our software is that everyone can access the data they need but only within the permissions you control. You can easily create custom user groups with different levels of access.

Track your works on calendar

Color coding of the work-orders help you to achieve your scheduled work-orders easily. Thanks to the daily, weekly or monthly view of your easy-to-use calendar; work-orders are showed by categorizing them.

Time Tracking

Team members can quickly add their time entries into Go Maint Me that can be used to either bill customers or track on our reports.