Equipment Management

Control your equipment

The system allows you to manage your equipment in a simple way. For each part of your equipment, system creates a code or if you want, you can add your own specific equipment code. You can also add the type of your equipment, which helps you to specialize your asset. Thanks to this system, achieving your equipment becomes easy.

Manage the priority

You can set the equipment significancy; low, normal and high. So that you will be able to know what to protect first in emergent situation.

Organize the hierarchy

You can manage the hierarchy by creating parent child relationships between the different parts of equipment. Thanks to this function you can indicate the relationship between parts.

Aware of the exact location

Knowing where your equipment is located is beneficial for setting the work-orders. You will resolve the problems which are caused by the location confusion, simplify your maintenance processes.

Track Warranties

Manage your warranties for better protection. You can easility save money, protect your investement and exted life of equipment.