Powerful maintenance management

Go Maint Me includes a powerful, easily configurable scheduling tool for maintenance tasks. You can set repeated task or one time task. Repeating tasks help you automate maintenance work.It will help you enforce your corporate standards, engage your staff with your industry language, and increase the accuracy of data collected.

Create instruction set

Define your instruction set and attach your all works. You can achieve easily compliance standarts. Always you stay one step ahead.

Avoid schedule conflicts

Make your schedule run smoother by viewing each employee’s availability and preferences as you build the schedule

Never miss a job

You never miss another training deadline, license renewal, maintenance, events or benefit date. Our alerts feature notifies you of upcoming events, so you stay one step ahead.

Organize the all assets

You can manage the hierarchy by creating parent child relationships between the different parts of your assets. Thanks to this function you can indicate the relationship between parts. You can set the top location to last equipment or top equipment to last part of equipment.

Control every location

Whether you are in a single site or facility, you can run multiple locations of your business within one account! Structure your business with different areas, roles or activities.

Qr code with ease

Go Maint Me gives you instant access to your assets and inventory items . Integrated qr code makes it easy to track your own equipment and inventory through all platform.

Reduce your stock level and avoid stockouts

Manage inventory like a boss. Stop wasting time on manual inventory management tasks. Easily control your stock in multiple locations.

Attach files to your data

Store and share documents online. Uploading files to Go Maint Me and attaching them to projects is a convenient way to keep all of your project data in one place.

Control access for different types of users

The great thing about our software is that everyone can access the data they need—but only within the permissions you control. We make it easy to create custom user groups with different levels of access.

Analyze with reports

Go Maint Me comes standard with a suite of customizeable business reports so you always know where your business stands. Quickly see your maintenance, asset or location history over any time period in just a few clicks. You can easily sort and use.