Why choose Go Maint Me?

We believe that a single all-in-one platform should provide all aspects of a facility business both for the office and when mobile.

Save time

You can schedule your process. CMMS sends notifications to the assigned users and prevents forgotten tasks.

Improve budgeting & forecasting

One platform to track it all.Eliminate duplicate and unnecessary expenditures.

Simplified time management

All the points under your control. Go Maint Me have own calendar for managing time, area, users etc.

Replace spreadsheets

You can eliminate manual tasks and manage all of your works online.

Achieve compliance standards

Define your instruction set and attach your all works. Always you stay one step ahead.

Extend life of your asset

Never forget the maintenance time, reduce downtime and repair costs, extend the life of your equipment.

Always newest

Users always have the most recent version. Go Maint Me will be updated to the newest released version automatically.

Easy to use

Go Maint Me is simple and intuitive, so facility and maintenance management isn’t intimidating.

No hardware required

Go Maint Me makes it very easy to use your existing computers, smart phones and tablets so you don’t have to purchase additional hardware.