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Track all your equipment with all maintenance history and associated costs


Take control of your every square foot in buildings, rooms, parks, areas and more


Extend the life of your assets while maintaining a safe operating environment


Track inventory quantities across your warehouse from one location

Smart asset management solution

Go Maint Me is designed to make your business life easier

Financial controlling

Always know what you have and what you need in necessary situation

Scheduled maintenance

Extend the life of your assets while maintaining a safe operating environment

Forecasting avability

Provides a long-term view, eliminate duplicate and unnecessary expenditures

Everything in one place

Centralizes data in a single database, not across numerous spreadsheets

Real-time tracking

Improve performance and reduce cost based on real-time, anywhere, anytime

Insightful reports

Report on what you want, where you want with our powerful reporting engine

Accessible from anywhere

With Go Maint Me, if you’ve got an internet connection you can be at work

Free unlimited support

Go Maint Me’s dedicated support team is here to ensure your success and forever free

Monthly low pricing

There are no setup fees or contracts - you can change or cancel at anytime

All Features

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